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Use Code " Zombie25 " for 25% off EVERY mod, bundle, hero you purchase when spending $15 or more! Limited to the first 10 customers.


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For more than five years, LegitSODmods has been the best source for Xbox & PC mods, heroes, bundles, and much more. Nothing on my website can be found for less elsewhere.

State of Decay 2 : Most Popular Mods

Fully Modded Community


To a new or existing community, add ten (10) heroes of your choice, a cheat facility V2, unlocked radio, max (9,999)  resources, all landmark outposts, a warlord pack, an ultimate bundle, and much more. 

Cheat Facility + Radio

Radio Edited 2.png

Save 35% off the normal price. Spawn infinite items and rucksacks, recruit red talon free, get infinite prestige, spawn tons of vehicles and much more. 

Bounty + Outfit Unlock

State of Decay 2 9_24_2022 1_05_20 PM_edited.jpg

Save 35% off the regular price. All bounties and outfits in the game will be unlocked and usable by all current and future communities.


Explore several of the popular State of Decay 2 mods including cheat facility, unlocked radio, god mode, outfit unlock and more.


Get Cash Beaumont, Sasquatch, Izzbee, Chavez, and many more heroes added to your community.


Explore some of the State of Decay 2 bundles offered; some contain modded items, a ton of ammunition, consumables, and more.

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