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State of Decay Bundles: Sales and Deals

Warlord + Barbarian Pack

Warlord + Barbarian Pack

You will receive 12 of every ranged weapon, melee weapon, heavy melee weapon and close combat weapon currently available in-game. You will receive over 2,940 ranged weapons and over 1200 melee weapons.

Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle State of Decay 2

You will receive 360 modded guns, 10,000 of each ammo, 10,000 of each crafting item, 10,000 of most consumables, 999 each red talon prefab and more.

Black Market Pack

Black Market Pack

You will get 12 of every bounty weapon, backpack, facility mod and 9,999 of each consumable. Each gun will have 999 ammo, reload to 999, max stats and instant reload.


Explore several of the popular State of Decay 2 mods including cheat facility, unlocked radio, god mode, outfit unlock and more.


Get Cash Beaumont, Sasquatch, Izzbee, Chavez, and many more heroes added to your community.