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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Process

Delivery Process

After ordering please send me a message so we can schedule a good time for delivery. 

When are you available?

I'm available everyday from 4pm to 2am ( eastern standard time ) to fulfill orders and answer questions. 

Do I need Xbox Live?

You wont need Xbox Live for account mods. For items and bundles it is preferred or I can add them to your account for an additional cost.

How are items and bundles delivered?

You'll receive an invite to my game. Everything will be in the trunks and you'll transfer them to your locker by pressing RT or T. 

How are account mods delivered?

After placing your order I'll need to know your account information and which community you'd like them in. 

Delivery Process


Do mods work on Xbox?

Yes! State of Decay 2 is a play anywhere game so mods added on PC will transfer to Xbox. 

Do mods work on Steam/Epic/Microsoft Store?

I offer account mods for Xbox and I will do Steam accounts to but it is more work and I will charge a extra fee.

Can I still get items if I play on PC?

Yes! I will just need your Xbox gamertag so I can invite you to my game. 

Can I still play in multiplayer?

Yes, you can join other games or host your game and not lose any of the changes. 

Do mods work in Heartland?

Yes! Almost all mods work perfectly fine in Heartland, except the Unlocked Radio.



I have 10 survivors, can I still get heroes?

Yes! Heroes and Survivor Packs ignore the population limit. 

Can I change their outfits?

Yes, every character model in the game can use anything in the closet and change their outfit and hat.

Can heroes go into the legacy pool?

Yes, they can go into the legacy pool and you can use them in future communities with no problems. 

Can heroes die?

If their health gets low enough a juggernaut or feral can kill them with their finishing move. 

Can I pick their 5th skill?

Yes! You can pick any 5th skill you want for your hero when ordering or I can leave it blank. 

Can I get heroes in Heartland?

Yes! You can get heroes in your campaign community or a Heartland game. 

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