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You will receive 12 of every Daybreak Weapon, 12,000 of each Daybreak Consumable and 999 of each Daybreak facility. Each gun will have 999 ammo, reload to 999 max stats, instant reload and is silent.


Ranged Weapons

CLEO Assault Shotgun x12
CLEO Battle Rifle x12
CLEO Blast Rifle x12
CLEO Heavy Sniper x12
CLEO Machine Pistol x12
CLEO Pistol x12
CLEO Sharpshooter Rifle x12
CLEO Shotgun x12

RTX Hordebreaker x12

RTX Stormbringer x12   

RTX Wolverine x12


Melee Weapons 

CLEO Battle Axe x12
CLEO Greathammer x12
CLEO Hand Axe x12
CLEO Longblade x12
CLEO Mace x12
CLEO Warhammer x12
RTX Extermination Blade x12

RTX Crusher x12



Deployable Minefields x12,000
Deployable Pyro Minefields x12,000
Explosive Fuel Traps x12,000
Fire Bombs x12,000
Remote Grenades x12,000
Remote Rocket Pods x12,000
Sticky Grenades x12,000 


Facility Mods 

CLEO Cores x999
CLEO Support Transmitter x2
Prefab: Officer Quarters x999
Prefab: Red Talon Bunkrooms x999
Prefab: Red Talon Watchtowers x999
Prefab: Red Talon Workshops x999
Red Talon Crafting Station x2


With trunk delivery straight to your locker you will receive all of your items in minutes.

Daybreak Pack

$10.00 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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