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You will receive 12 of each Zedhunter crossbow and 10,000 of each Zedhunter consumable


Classic Crossbow (x12)
Echo-S5 Gas Launcher x12
Echo-X1 Combat Crossbow x12
Echo-X2 Sniper Crossbow x12
Echo-X3 Repeating Crossbow x12
Homemade Crossbow x12
Homemade Scoped Crossbow x12
Hunting Crossbow x12
Light Crossbow x12


Bloater Cloud Grenade x10,000
Bottle of Scentblock x10,000
Dose of Zedeye x10,000
Jar of Zombait x10,000

Zedrenaline Pill x10,000


Advanced Biochem Station x2


With trunk delivery straight to your locker, you will receive all of your items in minutes. 

Zedhunter Bundle

$10.00 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
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