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For more than five years, LegitSODmods has been the best source for Xbox & PC mods, heroes, bundles, and much more. Nothing on my website can be found for less elsewhere.

Store-Wide Sale : Everything is over 65% off! 

Cheat Facility V2 + Radio

Cheat Facility.png

Save 29.99% off the normal price. Spawn infinite items and rucksacks, recruit red talon free, get infinite prestige, spawn tons of vehicles and much more.

Daybreak Unlock + 99,999 Prestige

Daybreak Unlock.png

Save 25% off the normal price. Unlocks all daybreak items including guns, melee weapons, facilities and more. Also includes 99,999 prestige.

3,000 Modded Guns + Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle State of Decay 2_edited.jpg

Save over $15 when buying the 3,000 modded guns & Ultimate Bundle together. You will 3,360 modded guns total and 10,000 of most consumables, crafting items, prefabs, facility mods and more. 


Explore several of the popular State of Decay 2 mods including cheat facility, unlocked radio, god mode, outfit unlock and more.