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This PC Mod Menu is the best in-game mod menu available for State of Decay 2 PC Players.  Below are some of the most popular State of Decay 2 mods and in-game cheats including but not limited to... 




Fun Menu

Warpnclip ( fly around and get places fast! ) 

Auto Resource Giver ( Give you or others resources instantly ) 

Appearance Mods ( Change Gun Camos ) 

Set All Ground Weapons 999 ammo

Set All Trunk Stacks 999

Set All Stacks 999

Super Speed

Toggle Mobile Locker ( Use your supply locker from anywhere ) 

Easy Bounty ( Complete all active bounties by shooting one zombie ) 


Item Spawner 

Spawn Skill books 

Spawn Placeables

Spawn Consumables

Spawn Close Combat Weapons

Spawn Clothing Items 

Spawn Guns 

Spawn Ammo

Spawn Backpacks

Spawn Facility Mods



Trunk Spawns 

Spawn All Guns in the Trunk

Spawn All Consumables in the Trunk 

Spawn All Melee Weapons 

Spawn All Clothing Items in the Trunk 

Set All Trunk Ammo 999

Clear All Trunk Items 

All Trunk Slots 100


Daybreak Menu 

Unbreakable Walls

Daybreak MP Achievements  

Prestige Lobby

Unlock Lobby



Instant Daybreak

Trigger Dawn

Techie DemiGod

Trigger Air Strikes


Vehicle Menu

Spawn any vehicle ( including unreleased cars ) 

Spawn Bounty Cars 

Delete Selected Vehicle

Refuel All Vehicles 

Repair All Vehicles

Toggle All Vehicle Lights

Self Service ( Infinite Gas & No Repair ) 


Zombie Menu

Create Infestations 

Clear Infestations

Spawn Zombies 

Spawn Zombies Resized 

Remove Active Hearts/Walls

Remove Dead Bodies

Remove Dead Hearts

Clown Mode ( All zombies clown zombies ) 

Pirate Mode ( Pirate Mode ) 

Spawn Plague Hearts 

HavenProtection ( Haven Device Active Everywhere ) 

Plague Heart Health Counter


Teleport Menu


Teleport To Waypoint

Clear All Waypoints

Teleport By offsets 


Character Profile Editor 


Max Character Skill Levels

Preset Characters 

Set First Name

Set Last Name

Set Nick Name

Set Voice 

Red Talon Skills 

Change Character Model

Add Standing


Mission Menu

Complete Active Mission 

Fail Active Mission 

Complete External Mission

Fail External Mission

Clear All Missions and more!


Community Cheats 

Add Resource Amount 

Max Resources

Change Community Name 

Unlimited Enclave Influence 

Repair All Guns in Locker

Get All Guns

Get All Melee Weapons

Get All Consumables

Get All SkillBooks 

Get All MiscItems

Get All Rucksacks 


Note: This Mod Menu is Available for PC players Only! This does not work on Console. 


The Menu is $50 and then $50 per update. This will only work on your account, you will need to pay extra for it to work on other Xbox, Steam, or Epic Accounts!

LegitSODmods Mod Menu (PC ONLY)

$200.00 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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