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To a new or existing community, add ten (10) heroes of your choice, a cheat facility V2, unlocked radio, max (9,999)  resources, all landmark outposts, a warlord pack, an ultimate bundle, and much more. 


Each hero will have god mode, instant loot, 999 permanent inventory stacks, maxed red talon skills, blood plague immunity, unkillable, never get tired and much more. 


Mods added to the community.

Cheat Facility V2

Unlocked Radio

Modded Base Slots

All Landmark Outposts

9,999 of Each Resource

9,999 Influence

Unlocked Map Icons

Infinite Infestations

Infinite Plague Hearts 


Bundles added to the community. 


Ultimate Bundle - Includes 360 modded guns, 10,000 of each ammo, 10,000 of each crafting item, 10,000 of most consumables, 999 of each skill book, 80 bookbags, 160 melee weapons, 2 of each facility mod, 999 of each red talon prefab and much more. 


Warlord Bundle -  ( 12 of each weapon available in-game ) including 12 of each CLEO weapon, 12 of each 50 caliber weapon, 12 of each grenade launcher, 12 of each assualt rifle and much more. You will receive 3,000+ weapons total.


Barbarian Pack - ( 12 of each melee weapon available in-game ) including 12 of every heavy melee weapon, close combat weapon and more. 



Note: If you change maps or map difficulty you will lose the modded base, cheat facility, all landmark outposts. 


Note: This needs to be installed onto your account manually, I will need your account information. 

Fully Modded Community

$200.00 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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