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With this purchase you will receive everything you need to survive in the State of Decay 2 apocalpyse.


You will receive the following items and more, including


360 Modded guns they will have 999 ammo, reload to 999, max stats and instant reload. 

10,000 Plague samples

10,000 parts

10,000 circuitry

10,000 Jugs of ethanol

10,000 cases of chemicals

10,000 of every ammo available in-game

80 Bookbags 

80 Random Assorted melee weapons

2 of every facility mod in game

10,000 Advanced tool kits

10,000 Gas cans

10,000 Normal tool kits

10,000 Each Vehicle upgrade kit

10,000 Scent block

10,000 Zed-eye

10,000 Zedrenaline

10,000 Painkillers

10,000 Strong Painkillers

10,000 First Aid Kits

10,000 Plague Cures

10,000 Coffee

10,000 Espresso

10,000 Stimulants

10,000 Energy drinks

10,000 Bags of snacks

10,000 Willie Pete grenades

10,000 C4 charges

10,000 Pipe Bombs

10,000 Frag grenades

10,000 Bandages

10,000 Fuel bombs

10,000 Cases of Bulk Plague Cures


Note: There is so much more included in this bundle that is not listed. 


With trunk delivery straight to your locker you will receive all of your items in minutes.

Ultimate Bundle

$10.00 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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