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Receive 12 of each unreleased melee and ranged weapon along with 10,000 of each unreleased consumable. 


Ranged Weapons: 
(TEMP) Police Auction Golden Vulture x12
(TEMP) Safari 44 x12 


Melee Weapons: 

(DONT USE) Heavy Tow Hitch x12
(TEMP) Big Stick x12
(TEST) Ice Axe x12
(TEST) PoleAxe x12
CLEO Heavy Blade x12
No Parking Sign x12
PoleAxe (TEST) x12
TEST Metal SledgeHammer x12

Lathe Chisel x12



(TEMP) Bottle of Improvised Painkillers x10,000

NOT USED x10,000


With trunk delivery straight to your locker you will receive all of your items in minutes. 

Unreleased Weapons

$10.00 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
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